Be one step ahead of your competitors with the uncommon target ads
Instagram, Facebook and TikTok
advertising agency
we will calculate your
costs of promotion
• More than 2 years of experience in targeted advertising, more than 250,000 clients attracted and $170,000 of revenue generated for our clients
• Our clients base in Dubai, Estonia, Austria, Ukraine, and many more countries around the globe
• We work with offline and online businesses and bloggers
in one sentence:
we professionally attract new customers to your business and new followers to your blog through target ads
about our agency
and some more:
our agency will systematically promote your business or blog

we will create an efficient sales funnel, calculate KPI, help to organize webinars, mailings, create lead magnets and chat bots

We are NOT just some freelancers

At least 3 people will work on your advertising: marketer, project-manager and target specialist

There is a ZERO chance that your deadline will be postponed or the tasks will not be fully done

We evaluate the efficiency of advertising not just by the price of a click,

but by the payback of your investment into advertising.

we attract followers to your personal blog, attract registrations to your events and vebinars

and attract clients to your business
we can advertise on any language depending on your company's target audience
our job is to attract customers from different sales channels
what we can offer
Instagram / Facebook advertising
from 1000$
per month
Web design
from 1000$
per website
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how it works
We will analyze your target audience and competitors to create a personalized strategy for your needs.
Running ads
We will create the ads for you.
You do not need an extra designer for this - we have one in our team! Then we will connect your account to the ads manager and start promotion.


After we see the first results, we will put more money in the most efficient ads and you will have even greater results!
At the end of each month we will provide a full pdf report to you which will include everything that has been done during the month and what will be done during the following one.
as a team of marketers, target specialists, social media specialists and designers
we will create your personalized strategy to work systematically on your project

Our team
Anastasia Beresneva
• 6 years of experience in business and marketing
• Coach in the Fund of Entrepreneurship of Moscow
• Hostess of podcast "Not sweet business"

I will dedicate all my expertise in the field of business to the success of your project
Ksenia Perevoschikova
Marketer and Project Manager
All the projects lead by Ksenia are always launched on time and make the best results
Anton Nguen
Targeted advertising specialist
Works with large advertising budgets from $1,000 and attracts followers to businesses and personal blogger
Anastasia Karpun
Targeted advertising specialist
Expert in attracting customers to register for vebinars and in personal bloggers' promotion.

+ Works with targeted advertising in TikTok.
Arina Grosul
Targeted advertising specialist
Marketer with a diploma from Vienna university. Attracts clients even to the most complicated niches.
This could be you!
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